15 Oct 2018

The Purity of White

The Purity of White

White is no colour. It’s the absence of colour. Or if you spin a colour wheel all colours unite to form a lovely white light. White is all colours and yet none! Pristine. Pure. And very importantly, ‘uncomplicated’. And no brand has done it better than Apple. Remember the first iPhone? And how everyone clambered for white, having had enough of their ‘black’berries and their Samsungs?

White plays brilliantly with black!

Cleverly used and paired with black or another colour, white can play brilliantly with negative spaces. Here are two examples.

Seen my dog anyone?

Or take this for another example, the logo for Happy Cricket Club. How well the purity of white plays out.

There’s one brand that has used White with great success!

But if there is any one brand that brings out what white brings out in a logo it’s Apple. Steve Jobs was clear that the brand and its offerings would simple and uncomplicated. And nothing says that like white. And that one example is good enough to glorify white for all times.

Starting with the iPhone…

In fact, BMW has concurred that sales of their white model went up since the launch of the white phones. White stands for classy, iconic, uber cool in today’s world. And it’s a symbol of conspicuous consumption. Remember the catchy iPod and iTunes commercials? No? Here’s the LINK

Here’s another link on how white works for logos. Check them out.

So today ditch colour. Bask in the purity of white – pure and simple.

Tomorrow’s colour is Red and we’ll be back!

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