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Communicating is now become an even bigger challenge in a highly noisy marketplace. To be heard you have to be loud or else effective.
With CX specialists on board on the strategic as well as creative side, your customers will truly experience how special they are (versus a recording while waiting on the telephone line).
Country culture impacts organizations at all levels and no matter how global your organization is cultural differences are bound to crop up from time to time.

Training Programs

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The Brand Blockchain

Defining your brand, getting to the heart of it and devising the campaign around it.

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Cross Culture – The Third Dimension (Generic)

A 90-Minute session on Indian culture and its impact on the workplace.

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Creating Compelling Content

How to write and create killer content for greater impact and engagement.

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Cross Culture – The Third Dimension (Onsite)

A full day onsite session on comparing two country cultures and team building.

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Customer Experience Journey Mapping

A workshop on understanding the customer journey and devising target communication

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Cross Culture – Being Global

Developing a global mindset and way of working.

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